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On this page, you will find our unfinished catalogue of the hottest televison series out there! Stay tuned for a more emmersive view of PilotStreams. Scroll down to see what we offer right now!

Adventure Time S01E00 (Pilot)
Pen (later renamed to Finn) and Jake have to rescue Princess Bubblegum from the Ice King.
Breaking Bad S01E01
A man wearing nothing but his undergarments and a gas mask careens his RV down a desolate highway in the New Mexico desert. In the passenger seat, another man passed out, also wears a gas mask, his head on the dashboard. Two bodies slide across the RV floor until the vehicle veers into a ditch. The hyperventilating driver, Walter White, climbs out, dons the shirt still hanging off the side view mirror (his pants are long since gone), then re-enters the van to retrieve a video camera, his wallet, and a gun. He records a cryptic, handheld farewell to his wife and son as sirens can be heard in the distance. He then places the camera alongside his wallet, walks onto the road, and awaits the approach of the emergency services, gun in hand.
Cake Boss S01E01
After an extremely busy order week, Buddy gets a call about a photo spread in Brides Magazine, though last minute changes may challenge Buddy's ability to complete this order on time. In addition, he gets an order to make a boat for someone's birthday, not knowing that the person he's making it for... is himself. However, the bakers end up in a heated crisis when they run out of sugar.
Dancing with the Stars (USA)
Six celebrities and their professional partners compete live! The first competition has the couples doing either the Cha Cha or a Waltz. Edyta, Charlotte and Ashly will lead their partners Evander, John and Joey in the Cha Cha while Louis, Jonathan and Alec will lead their partners in the Waltz.
Everybody hates Chris
Uprooted to a new neighborhood and bussed to a predominantly white middle school two-hours away by his strict, hard-working parents, Chris struggles to find his place while keeping his siblings in line at home and dealing with the school bully, Joey.
Fresh off the Boat
A Western-theme restaurant is opened in the premiere of this series, in which a Taiwanese family deal with culture shock after moving from Washington, D.C., to Orlando during the '90s.
Gravity Falls
Twelve-year-old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines arrive to spend their summer break with their Great Uncle Stan Pines, more commonly known as Grunkle Stan, in the remote town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. Dipper describes Gravity Falls as a "sleepy" town. Once there, they have to work at Stan's store, called the Mystery Shack. While hanging signs advertising the shack in the "spooky part" of the woods,
How I Met Your Mother
The episode (and series) begins with a future Ted explaining to his children the story of how he met their mother. The story begins in 2005, with Marshall proposing to Lily, prompting Ted to begin a search to find his own soul-mate. At MacLaren's, alongside Barney, Ted meets budding news anchor Robin, with whom he is instantly smitten. After hitting it off, and after a successful date which concludes with Robin being called away for a news story, Ted decides to take the plunge and make his move. He symbolically steals the Blue French Horn from the restaurant of their first date, and heads to Robin's apartment with the gang ("Suited up", much to Barney's delight). Things are going great until he inexplicably tells Robin that he loves her, prematurely destroying his chances with her. After a lingering goodbye, and with the afterthought that he may or may not have missed "the signal" (missing out for the second time on his first kiss with her and everyone in the group agrees with that), we then return to the future Ted telling his children that that's how he met their Aunt Robin.
I Am Cait *Exclusive Part 1*
The opening moments of I Am Cait occur as Jenner’s glamorous, headline-making Vanity Fair cover hits stands, and while the morning is filled with positive media reports, primping sessions and congratulatory phone calls from her kids (Kim calls to share the news that Caitlyn’s Twitter account is on track to break President Obama’s record for the most followers added in a 24-hour period), Caitlyn quickly reminds viewers “it’s not this way for everybody” — especially those without money, privilege and fame.
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